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Oversized Cargo


   Besttrans oversized service includes dedicated logistics projects for loads which require individual solutions due to their non-standard size, weight and specific mode of transport.

    We arrange transportation various types of steel structures, building machines, containers, harvesters, transformers, oversized and heavy cranes, etc. With the use of a wide range of specialist fleet we deliver shipments to their final recipient in all parts of the world. Oversized shipments are peculiar in many respects. Each transport is determined by different dimensions, weight, route. While arranging each transport, we use our best efforts to:

  • obtain special authorizations and permits
  • design the load and fastening of individual elements
  • select appropriate transport units
  • check the transit route of oversized loads
  • agree the terms and conditions of oversized shipments in individual transit countries
  • coordinate traffic regulations
  • coordinate the conditions of the police escort following preparation of an accurate hourly schedule
  • mark vehicles as carrying oversized loads

We are offering full service in oversized load transportation including insurance . Therefore, we can offer our customers the most convenient solutions.

Besttrans will take care of your package in step of the way.

                                                      You can be confident that your sensitive,
                  awkward or oversized shipment will arrive safely, on-schedule and damage-free.

Whether you need to move oversized machinery or send custom-built equipment to a plant on the opposite coast, the Besttrans experts will design a solution to match your precise requirements.

We maintain an extensive assortment of modern, specialized equipment within our fleet that allows to provide the highest level of service. Our equipment ranges from flatdecks and stepdecks to double drops, removable goose necks (RGNs) and other specialized trailers. This diverse equipment makes it possible to transport each customer shipment, regardless of how awkward, large or heavy the cargo may be.

Our fleet also employs a Pilot Car Service which escorts extremely oversized or large dimension shipments. Every member of the Pilot Car Service is well-trained in routing, maneuvering and escorting your shipments the government regulations for these type of shipments.